Scott Slater: How The Stupid Cancer Sausage Was Made

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Scott Slater: How The Stupid Cancer Sausage Was Made

September 21, 2021

Scott Slater: How The Stupid Cancer Sausage Was Made

On the show today, my guest is Scott Slater, a longtime friend, a former colleague at Stupid Cancer, and one of the earliest activists who helped build the original young adult cancer movement back in the mid-2000s. Yes, Scott is a cancer survivor, but that’s just one of his MANY titles. He’s a software engineer and app developer…. He’s the founder and punk-in-chief at Codepunk, which is an epic web development company. He’s an accomplished musician, and NOW he can add “composer of musicals” to his long list of creds. As the aging GenX’ers that we are, Scott and I wax poetic as about cancer in the age of “Woke Culture,” his new musical, “Fable,” and how the hell we’re somehow still here after a combined 35 years of survivorship. Plus, Scott correctly identifies the idiot’s bias as the “Dunn Krueger Effect.” Alex Trebek is surely beaming from on high. 

Enjoy the show!

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