Not Your Father's Pharma Conference

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Not Your Father's Pharma Conference

July 13, 2021

Not Your Father's Pharma Conference

On the show today, it’s a spotlight on NAMAPA (National Association of Medication Access & Patient Advocacy) with Co-Founders Elizabeth Johnson LPN and Melissa Paige, CPhT. Liz started her career in immunology and moved into the world of “medication access,” which is healthcare between the patient and the doctor, where issues of access, pricing, prescriptions, and navigating the complexities of the system are all managed on behalf of the patient. As a certified Pharmacy Tech, Melissa lives in a world of reimbursement and access challenges in her previous roles, which is also code for “how medicine gets to the patient.” NAMAPA is the presenting sponsor of the inaugural Healthcare Advocate Summit for Advocates by Advocates held on September 8-10 in Galveston Island, Texas. This conference is slated to be the premier event for anyone involved in patient access, navigation, and reimbursement. Learn more at

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