Mental Health, Relationship Alchemy and All the Things

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Mental Health, Relationship Alchemy and All the Things

December 3, 2020

Mental Health, Relationship Alchemy and All the Things

Today’s a different kind of show. Not quite the “softer side of Sears,” but perhaps a more introspective look beneath the veil of mental health and all the things that piss us off, like cat posters. Seriously? Have we not yet gotten over cat posters? Today I welcome Marie-Elizabeth Mali, self-proclaimed “relationship alchemist,” two words I’ve never heard spoken in succession that we will break that down during the episode. In the cancer world, we talk about isolation as the number one mental health affliction of diagnosis and how finding your community is of paramount importance for many to not feel stigmatized or judged. But the same is true for relationships because we all have unmet basic human needs and too often find ourselves unwoke to becoming unwired. Marie-Elizabeth believes that we are all creative people in some way. I somewhat agree because, I mean, anyone can play the radio. [Ba Dum Tss!] But seriously, there is something afoot, exacerbated further each day by our current polarized climate, about aloneness vs. isolation, defensiveness vs. reflection, and exceptionalism vs. craving generosity and tolerance, Enjoy the show. Learn more about Marie-Elizabeth Mali at

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