Life Image: Children with Rare Disease

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Life Image: Children with Rare Disease

July 5, 2022

Life Image: Children with Rare Disease

Today on the show, I welcome Karen Haberberg, a New York-based photographer and the other of several books, one of which is called An Ordinary Day: Kids with Rare Genetic Conditions. Karen’s father was himself a photographer who taught her how to shoot when she was in middle school. Like father, like daughter, she was quickly drawn to the art of storytelling through the camera lens and found her voice in capturing the humanity within children of rare disease. Our conversation took us in many directions, not the least of which included the careful craftsmanship and interpersonal disciple it requires to embrace these children as if they were her own to represent humanity and dignity rather than pity. Karen’s images have been showcased in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Good Morning America, New York 1, and others. Lastly, as fellow Gen-X’ers, we channel the love/hate relationship we had with Fotomat back in the 1990s and the over/under of running out of flashcubes in the middle of a night shoot. For more information about Karen, visit

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