Hopelab: The Social Innovation Lab That Changed the World

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Hopelab: The Social Innovation Lab That Changed the World

November 5, 2020

Hopelab: The Social Innovation Lab That Changed the World

On the show today – The CD-ROM. What is it good for besides Microsoft Encarta (look it up, kids) and free AOL accounts in 2004? Well, for one uniquely intrepid and nonprofit founded by Pam Omidyar, the CD-ROM became the intervention that would change the lives of teens living with cancer for the better all around the world. HopeLab is a social innovation lab committed to supporting and improving the health and happiness of young people. And joining me is HopeLab’s CEO, my friend and advocacy partner in crime, Margaret Laws. What is “behavior-change tech?” How can you game-ify loneliness as a predictor of depression and suicide amongst college students, especially during a pandemic? How in the world does “human-centered design” intersect with young adult cancer patient advocacy? What happens when you harness the tools of empathy as a social connection vehicle to normalize identity and end the pity party? All that and oh so much more as we shed light on HopeLab, one of the most impactful and influential organizations of our time that you may never have heard of, online at Enjoy my conversation with the marvelous and spectacular Margaret Laws.

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