Healthcare Optimism and the Marvelous Mrs. Halle Tecco

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Healthcare Optimism and the Marvelous Mrs. Halle Tecco

January 14, 2021

Healthcare Optimism and the Marvelous Mrs. Halle Tecco

On the show today, another epic DeLorean throwback to the past episode with Halle Tecco, an origin story convened during the heyday of LIVESTRONG and born of a shared desire to make cancer suck less. Aside from being one of the most ambitious, talented, relentless, and startup junkie-ist(?) actual innovators, I know — and besides the FOMO I have from whatever it still means to have a blue checkmark on Twitter — Halle has consistently been at the forefront of “what’s next” at the intersections of patient advocacy, health tech, and startup culture. And while her BS, MPH, and MBA may be great acronyms attached to her credentials, her real superhero power is being an inner social justice warrior while assembling incredible teams, and roosting on the observation deck manifesting actual progress you can see. Among many other things, we focus on her latest venture, Natalist – borne of pure passion and her own condition. Beyond swapping war stories between two IVF parents and the perhaps ill-conceived notion of the cost/benefit around parenting, there’s talk of copper landlines, Friendster, and while none of us knew what was in store for when we met in the mid-2000s, we all knew we would do it together as advocates.

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