Dr. Guy Maytal:  “Being Ill” vs “Having an Illness”

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Dr. Guy Maytal: “Being Ill” vs “Having an Illness”

September 29, 2020

Dr. Guy Maytal: “Being Ill” vs “Having an Illness”

Today on the show, a peek into the fascinating world of psychiatric oncology with my friend Dr. Guy Maytal, Chief of Integrated Care and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. I’ve often heard the phrase “ambassadors of dignity” when referring to the empathic mental health professionals who not only listen to the lyrics but hear the symphony of grief, struggle, and challenge that patients bring. Guy is one of those heroes, and it was a privilege to dive deep into conversations around how the word “rehabilitation” is making a comeback, the sheer necessity of mental health care to lift people up, make some sense of the madness, add a handrail to the staircase, and restore some of the missing parts when we are broken. We also talk about the fabulously insane world of medical reimbursements. Unlike “normal” procedures where you are poked, prodded, radiated and/or stitched backup, mental health is the outlier tossed about as a “nice to have.” Enjoy the show.

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