Cancer and Nutrition: Who'd've thunk?

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Cancer and Nutrition: Who'd've thunk?

September 7, 2021

Cancer and Nutrition: Who'd've thunk?

On the show today, Susan Bratton is a legacy BFF of mine dating back to the LIVESTRONG days at the dawn of the young adult cancer movement. It was a time when “cancer survivorship” was evolving into a real boy and quality of life became tantamount to quality of care. Susan was an MBA who worked in finance when one of her best friends, who was in perfect shape at the time and in peak physical condition, got cancer for no reason and tragically passed away. She soon founded Meals To Heal, a nonprofit food-delivery service that delivered handcrafted meals to cancer patients who couldn’t cook for themselves and lacked access to decent and nutritious meals. She’s now the CEO of Savor Health, a B2B digital health platform providing personalized, clinically, and contextually appropriate nutrition interventions to cancer patients and those with other chronic medical conditions, via SMS text with Ina, an “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant” chatbot. Enjoy the show.

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