[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” Clinical Trial Quid-Pro-Quo

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” Clinical Trial Quid-Pro-Quo

February 17, 2021
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[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” Clinical Trial Quid-Pro-Quo

On this bonus episode of “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant,” Jen brings to Matthew Zachary’s attention the idea that patients who enroll in clinical trials should more than benefit from the therapeutic aspects of treatment. After all, aren’t they essentially helping a private sector on their go-to-market drug approval and commercialization strategy? After all, if you’re helping a business make more money, shouldn’t you be entitled to some of that sweet, sweet cheddar yourself? Say, perhaps, some equity stake in their growth? Food for thought because inquiring minds want to know.


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