[BONUS] COVID19: Kids/School/Parenting Dumpster Fire Edition

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

[BONUS] COVID19: Kids/School/Parenting Dumpster Fire Edition

November 13, 2020

[BONUS] COVID19: Kids/School/Parenting Dumpster Fire Edition

Anyone remember the old Vince Guaraldi Trio song “Cast Your Fate To The Wind?” Look it up, kids, because it’s got almost nothing to do with this show other than being a legendary tune and a related metaphor to today’s BONUS episode. Kids. School. Parenting. Work. — hard enough WITHOUT COVID. WITH COVID, its a dumpster fire shit storm INSIDE another a dumpster fire shitstorm. Today’s show is a real-time steam valve release with two of my high school friends, returning champions to the show Karen Marinelli and Elura Nanos. Both were guests on Episode 2 on March 18th, and Elura returned for our first COVID Back-To-School insanity show on September 18th. There is no normal. There is no end. We are living every moment in the moment on stilts on top of eggshells riding a wooden raft on lava river during an earthquake while an asteroid approaches. Ah, you get the picture. We hope you nod your heads while listening because lord knows we’re not alone during this shitstorm and we’ve got to get through it together. Enjoy the show.

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