Author Theresa Brown: When a Nurse Becomes a Patient

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Author Theresa Brown: When a Nurse Becomes a Patient

July 19, 2022

Author Theresa Brown: When a Nurse Becomes a Patient

Today on the show, I proudly welcome New York Times bestselling author Dr. Theresa Brown, RN. Her new book, “Healing: When a Nurse Becomes a Patient,” is now available in hardcover, and what read it is. Theresa has a phenomenal sense of humor and an inherently advantageous perspective on the inner workings of healthcare. Yet, when the coin flipped, she found herself a fish out of water while still swimming in the fishbowl. So, brace yourself for the usual 80s nostalgia train combined with some horrible Dad jokes, a smidgen of survivor guilt, and a wild ride through the “cancer is a contest” theater of the absurd. Fun fact: This episode may be the first show I’ve ever done that channels Fast times at Ridgemont High and Ferris Bueller through the lens of nursing while throwing tons of shade at Grey’s Anatomy. Oh, one last thing. We had a couple of sound glitches during the show, and my editor Kyle did his best to compensate for it. So please forgive any blips, bleeps, and weird stuff. So without further ado, I present Theresa Brown. Enjoy the show.

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