Distressed Genes Aren't Just A Fashion Statement

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Distressed Genes Aren't Just A Fashion Statement

February 20, 2020

Distressed Genes Aren't Just A Fashion Statement


Distressed Genes Aren’t Just a Fashion Statement

Self care is more than a buzzword or a good intention. Synthiea and I are discussing how we create space for self care, mental and physical health and how doing small things can make a big impact. 


Here are some things you can do to manage stress, take care of yourselves and find some calm in the tornado that is parenthood with a child with special healthcare needs.

Sign up for a meal delivery subscription

This varies your menu so you’re not eating the same things all the time and the meals are typically quick and easy to prepare. 

Carve out some alone time

Even if you simply wake up before anyone else to have a quiet morning cup of coffee, find time to be alone. 

Wind down at night

Take time before bed to catch up on a tv show or to catch up with friends.

Set boundaries with stress

If you’re dealing with a stressful situation or an upcoming event that feels stressful to you, say no to those around you who take an additional toll on your mental health.Say no to things that bring up emotions you don’t have time for or situations that wear you down.

Find a group of other parents to connect with

Whether it’s a local group you get together with or a group of parents on a social media platform, find other parents you can turn to who get it. 

Learn to breathe

Learning to breathe properly is a skill that can help to calm yourself down and refocus. In a high- stress environment, this is an easy tool to use to bring your anxiety and heart rate down.

Find the humor in your reality

Use sarcasm for self-care, calling the hospital the spa for example. Where that fails, there’s antidepressants!

Skip appointments when needed

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to get to appointments and it’s okay to have those days. Don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes your kids need a break too.

Do a detox

If healthy eating hasn’t been at the top of your self-care list, do a detox to reset your system.

Take a walk

Get out of the house and get some fresh air. 

Pamper yourself

If you like to take time to get your nails done, make some time every couple of weeks for some pampering. Throw in a facial and spa day too while you’re at it!

Tune out the world

Put on your headphones and tune into something that makes you happy– your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook.

Try journaling

Journaling can be a therapeutic way for you to process through or purge thoughts.

Keep a neat home (or don’t)

If added mess around the house contributes to your stress, tackle small projects that make you feel better like cleaning the kitchen or organizing a drawer. Find quick tasks you can complete in ten minutes or less that offer a big emotional return.

Accept help

If someone wants to do something for you, let them help you. It makes them feel good and it gives you a break. People, in general, want to take care of one another so let it be.

I want to hear from you if there’s something you do for self-care that we didn’t cover in this episode. Let me know on Instagram, what is something that someone could do for you that would make a big impact on your day?


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