Caring for the Carer, with Nurse Jacqui O' Connor (HeartPlace NZ)

High Performance Nursing

Caring for the Carer, with Nurse Jacqui O' Connor (HeartPlace NZ)

July 13, 2021

Caring for the Carer, with Nurse Jacqui O' Connor (HeartPlace NZ)

This week on the High Performance Nursing Podcast, I was lucky enough to interview the amazing Nurse Jacqui O’ Connor from Heart Place New Zealand.

Jacqui is a champion of carers, noting the importance of carers (nurse, AIN’s, students, PSA’s, NDIS carers, OT’s, Physios etc) filling their cup first allowing them to give more to the vulnerable they care for holistically via natural osmosis.

Jacqui dives into her backstory, where she courageously shares her episode of burnout and her “aha moment” of realizing she was “Unhealed” prior to joining the nursing workforce and how that need for healing became a central component of her self discovery journey and in founding Heart Place.

If you are a carer who feels out of alignment, has lost their passion for their career, and/or is beginning their own self-discovery journey, this episode is not to be missed!

We cover the importance of values, boundaries, self-discovery, self-worth, mindset, reframing, meditation and so much more!

You can follow Jacqui here and learn more about what she has to offer (which is lots!):

Make sure you check out Liam here:

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