#4 Recognizing the Significance of Caregiver Burden

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#4 Recognizing the Significance of Caregiver Burden

August 7, 2019

#4 Recognizing the Significance of Caregiver Burden

We were so excited to have Dr. Erin Craft-Otterbacher join us for this episode.  Erin is a new Family Practice DNP graduate. She is a very bright, knowledgeable young lady who we know you will enjoy learning from and listening to.

During this episode Erin helps us shine a light on caregiver burden and the need to manage the tension between the needs of the caregiver and the needs of the care recipient. 

Managing the tension between this pair of needs is an emerging and significant polarity in healthcare.  The polarity is universal.  Most of us have had caregiver experiences or even care recipient experiences. More and more middle-aged adults are becoming members of the “sandwich generation” and feeling the squeeze and burden of caring for aging parents and children at the same time.  

Have you felt this tension or do you know someone who has?

Join us as we talk about the negative consequences from neglecting the needs of the caregiver, the potential negative and devastating outcomes that can manifest and the call to recognize this significant and highly valuable role of caregivers.

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