46 I Safe Place International: Nurturing Leadership and Hope for LGBTQIA+ Refugees

Healthcare for Humans

46 I Safe Place International: Nurturing Leadership and Hope for LGBTQIA+ Refugees

May 22, 2024

46 I Safe Place International: Nurturing Leadership and Hope for LGBTQIA+ Refugees


We explore the heart-wrenching yet inspiring journeys of Tom, Arnold, Cathy, and Brainze as they navigate the challenges of being LGBTQIA+ individuals in Africa. Despite facing severe rejection, discrimination, and legal persecution, they find hope and empowerment through Safe Place International’s Dream Academy. Raj Sundar leads a conversation on the importance of leadership development, mental well-being, and community support in transforming lives. By sharing their personal stories, our guests highlight the resilience and courage of the LGBTQIA+ community while emphasizing the need for inclusive healthcare practices and societal acceptance. Together, we delve into how the Dream Academy’s support and tangible skills training provide a beacon of hope, helping individuals regain self-esteem and confidence and marking a significant milestone with the decriminalization of same-sex relationships in Botswana.


  • Struggles faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals in Africa.
  • Tom’s story: Rejection by family and discrimination in Botswana.
  • Arnold’s journey: Discrimination as a gay refugee in South Africa.
  • Support systems: Dream Academy and Safe Place International’s impact.
  • Brainze’s experience: Support from Kings and Queens Cameroon.
  • Milestone: Decriminalization of same-sex relationships in Botswana.
  • Importance of healthcare practitioners’ education and respectful treatment.
  • Highlights of the Dream Academy’s 10-week virtual course.
  • Cathy’s perspective on the lack of awareness and acceptance in Botswana.
  • Empowerment through the Dream Academy: Skills and self-esteem.

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Safe Place International

  • SafePlace International (SPI) is a US-based 501c3 founded in 2017 with a mission to enhance the safety and empowerment of one of the most marginalized populations in the world: LGBTQIA+ refugees. With its two flagship programs, The Global Family Initiative and The Dream Academy, SPI seeks to improve individual access to leadership and livelihood opportunities while increasing societal inclusion and acceptance. This is accomplished by first increasing people’s safety and stability through shelter and basic needs support, and then providing psychosocially supportive leadership training that prepares them to become civically engaged self advocates, entrepreneurs, employees, activists, and organizational leaders, ready to enact change within their communities. 

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