Ep. 91: Bridging Web2 to Web3 – Chris Were (CEO Verida)

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Ep. 91: Bridging Web2 to Web3 – Chris Were (CEO Verida)

Chris Were, CEO of Verida, talks about the develo…
January 24, 2022

Ep. 91: Bridging Web2 to Web3 – Chris Were (CEO Verida)

Chris Were, CEO of Verida, talks about the developers’ tools needed to bridge web2 programmers to web3. We also talk about the challenges and opportunities he has with his web3 startup. Living in Australia, Chris shared his perspective of how Australia has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Now let’s get to the show.

Show Notes

  • Introduction to Chris’s background
  • Mental health, domestic violence, and data privacy
  • Defining Web3 when compared to Web2
  • Medical Record systems in Australia
  • Services for Web3 oCompute oIdentity oAuthentication oMessaging oPublic and private storage
  • Verida technical specifications (architecture) oBlockchain Protocol and network oVDA Tokenenomics oData storage and Cloud
  • Novak Djokavic and Covid in Austrailia
  • Verida Network Growth and scale •Overview of Current projects using Verida oMAPay partnership •Verida Team and culture •Investors and community •Roadmap for 2022 and beyond – mainnet launch •Favorite business leader in history or now that has influenced you – Steve Jobs •Final Takeaways News Corner Major announcement – ConsenSys Health to Equideum Health. Equideum Health is a ConsenSys Mesh portfolio company focused on creating Web3 person-centered healthcare platform and research networks. Partnerships include an alliance with Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services (aka VICI – Veterans incentivized coordination and integration), which is something we like to call a Data Integrity and learning network (or DILN for short). DILNs, which use the unique combination of public and private blockchain, tokenization, decentralized artificial intelligence (AI), and confidential computing enabled by the company’s Elevated ComputeTM platform, are foundational to its partner-aligned strategy to make healthcare more effective, personalized, accessible, affordable and equitable. Through a second collaboration with the Digital Health Institute for Transformation, Equideum Health will create a new class of municipally-scaled utilities serving geographically-defined populations via Health Utility Grids (HUGs), targeting the urgent needs of underserved and vulnerable populations, first.

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