Ep. 28: Reaching Nirvana in Healthcare – Pradeep Goel (CEO Solve.Care)

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Ep. 28: Reaching Nirvana in Healthcare – Pradeep Goel (CEO Solve.Care)

Pradeep Goel has a vast amount of experience in t…
May 1, 2019

Ep. 28: Reaching Nirvana in Healthcare – Pradeep Goel (CEO Solve.Care)

Pradeep Goel has a vast amount of experience in the Health IT and insurance space, leading companies like Dakota imaging, Engagepoint Inc, and now Solve.Care. Solve.Care is building a comprehensive healthcare platform with a blockchain based architecture. Solve.Care has recently announced an important partnership with Lyft which we talk about in the episode. We speak about the many different aspects of healthcare benefits administration and how blockchain can disrupt the current healthcare system.

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Show Notes
•Pradeep’s initial entry into health insurance claims working in the mailroom in the basement of Noridian Mutual Insurance company.
•“Healthcare is a team sport, it is never an individual sport”
•Delivering the right level of care – Balancing overutilization of healthcare services vs being too restrictive
•As someone who has seen healthcare from a consumer, insurance, US government, employer, 3rd party admin, clinical, and HIE perspective, which experience influenced the founding of Solve.Care the most?
•How did you first hear about blockchain technology?
•What is the vision for Solve.Care? Why did you start it?
•Peer-to-peer interactions between patients and providers
•Can you describe your software products?
oCare.wallet – Our personal healthcare administrator for individuals and providers; houses Care.Cards and Care.Coins that automatically sync in real time with other linked wallets.
oCare.Cards – Purpose built applications that reside in the Care.Wallet and that are downloaded from Care.Marketplace.
oCare.Coin – Intelligent programmable payment token used to pay providers. Offers incredible flexibility in managing accountability and transparency and validating proof of service.
oCare.Vault – built to bridge on-chain and off-chain storage in a manner that is compliant with all applicable laws governing patient privacy, data security and consents.
oCare.Protocol uses Blockchain and smart contracts to define and encapsulate relationships between any two stakeholders (e.g. patient-doctor, patient-insurer).
•How can Solve.Care improve telehealth adoption?
•Who are your company partners and major users?
•What metrics are being measured to track the progress of the Arizona Care Network project?
•Can you share the milestones you hope to reach related to the recent Lyft partnership?
•Lyft ride cards will be distributed to members as a managed benefit
•Scheduled transportation is an obvious use case (i.e. dialysis appointments)
•Has regulation stifled or improved innovation in the blockchain/healthcare space?
•What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an Estonia-based company?
•Can you describe your technology stack?
•Were there any events or announcements in the healthcare/blockchain space that was very unexpected or surprising to you?
•If it’s not too personal, what would you consider to be your biggest mistake?
•Favorite businessperson/researcher/scientist in history or now? Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
•”Blockchain is a technology that can help you redefine how people interact with, rely upon, and transact with each other. It will make us rethink of how we live. ”

News Corner:

In March 2019, a Singapore based non-profit foundation called Ocean Protocol, announced a partnership with health AI/IOT company, ConnectedLife which is collecting wearables motion data from patients as part of a clinical study with the National neuroscience institute in Singapore.

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