What's the deal with hospital mergers?

Health Affairs This Week

What's the deal with hospital mergers?

Listen to Health Affairs' Jessica Bylander and Jeff Byers talk about the latest data on hospital mergers and why Microsoft is acquiring the health tech firm Nuance Communications.
April 16, 2021

What's the deal with hospital mergers?

This week, Microsoft announced a $19-billion deal to acquire Nuance Communications, a health tech firm. It’s one of the many recent merger and acquisition deals in the health care space.

On today’s episode of Health Affairs This Week, Jeff Byers puts on his ex-reporter hat and joins Jessica Bylander to discuss the Nuance-Microsoft deal and review a recent Kaufman Hall report that found hospital merger deals were down in 2020, but still highly valued.

Listen to Jeff and Jessica talk about hospital merger and acquisition trends and what it all means for the future of hospitals.

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