Three unanswered questions for telehealth's future

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Three unanswered questions for telehealth's future

Listen to Health Affairs' Rob Lott and Chris Fleming discuss the three major unanswered questions about the future of telehealth.
May 14, 2021

Three unanswered questions for telehealth's future

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the telehealth landscape. Many physicians and patients had their first experience with a telehealth visit as lockdown measures limited in-person physician offices.

Many questions remain whether the telehealth explosion is a flash-in-the-pan success or if it will have long-lasting changes in patient visit behaviors.

Health Affairs‘ Chris Fleming and Rob Lott join Health Affairs This Week to discuss a recently published series of blog articles on the topic and unpack the biggest questions regarding the future of telehealth, including: 

  • Should Medicare continue payment parity?
  • Where does payment reform stand on telehealth?
  • What are current barriers affecting implementation of telehealth? 

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