A renewed effort to address the opioid epidemic

Health Affairs This Week

A renewed effort to address the opioid epidemic

It’s National Public Health Week, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra just renewed the agency’s emergency declaration for the opioid crisis. Listen to Senior Editor Leslie Erdelack and Health Equity Director…
April 9, 2021

A renewed effort to address the opioid epidemic

In this National Public Health Week episode, Health Affairs’ Leslie Erdelack and Vabren Watts discuss the latest federal effort to address the opioid crisis.
This week, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra extended the declaration of the opioid crisis as a public health emergency. These declarations expire every 90 days, and the agency first declared this one in 2017.

Leslie and Vabren join Health Affairs This Week to examine how the drug epidemic has evolved and how the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on mental health and social isolation have impacted it.

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