Interview: Tony Estrella of Taliossa and Jessica DeMassa

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Interview: Tony Estrella of Taliossa and Jessica DeMassa

A conversation from the Frontiers Health Video Lounge
October 31, 2019
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Interview: Tony Estrella of Taliossa and Jessica DeMassa

The interview we have on tap for you is with Tony Estrella, a global thought leader and fiction writer in Digital Health who has worked in Asia, the US, and Europe as a startup founder, investor, corporate innovation leader, and strategic advisor. 

Today, he’s the Managing Director of Taliossa and serves as an independent board director for fast growth companies including a few in health tech.  

At Frontiers Health 2018, Tony held a masterclass, and then a talk, on how the digital health market is developing in Asia – highlighting opportunities in this emerging market and how it differs from the West.  

I sat down with Tony afterward to get a little deeper into the trends and opportunities he sees in healthcare in Asia. 

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