Natural Cycles, FDA-approved birth control app based on body temperature –  Ep 174

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Natural Cycles, FDA-approved birth control app based on body temperature – Ep 174

In today’s episode, I interview Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl, the co-founder and CEO of Natural Cycles. Natural Cycles° is a birth control app used by millions of women around the…
August 1, 2022

Natural Cycles, FDA-approved birth control app based on body temperature – Ep 174

Natural Cycles° is a leading women’s health company that developed the world’s first birth control app, which has been used by millions of women around the world. As a Class II medical device, the NC° app is cleared by the FDA in the United States and certified to be used as a contraceptive in Europe, Australia, and Singapore. It has also received regulatory clearances to integrate with third party wearables. For a monthly or annual subscription fee, users have access to and can switch between NC° Birth Control, NC° Plan Pregnancy, and NC° Follow Pregnancy modes within the app. NC° Birth Control’s clinical effectiveness and real life effectiveness is proven to be 93% effective with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use. Founded in 2013 by Physicists Dr. Elina Berglund and Dr. Raoul Scherwitzl, Natural Cycles° is committed to pioneering women’s health with research and passion. The company’s on-staff research team has contributed to 14 peer-reviewed research papers.

Dr. Elina Berglund Scherwitzl is the CEO and co-founder of Natural Cycles – the world’s first app to be certified as a contraception both in Europe and by the FDA. She was part of the team that discovered the Higgs boson at the CERN laboratory, which led to the Nobel Prize in physics in 2013. Following this success, Elina applied her skills from particle physics to create a unique algorithm that could accurately pinpoint when a woman was fertile based on her body temperature.



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