Switzerland, Diversity, and Meaningful Impact (Claire Murigande)

Faces of Digital Health

Switzerland, Diversity, and Meaningful Impact (Claire Murigande)

December 9, 2021

Switzerland, Diversity, and Meaningful Impact (Claire Murigande)

Claire Murigande is a Medical Affairs leader born in Burundi, lived in Kenya, and is now based in Switzerland. She is a biologist by background, passionate about empowering team members and bringing value through science. Among other things she recently completed an advance business degree in digital leadership and looked at the future development of digital health, where, as she says, being mindful of diversity. She’s also a TEDx speaker and the host of an award-winning podcast Narratives of purpose, in which she talks with people making an extraordinary social impact in various areas, such as youth empowerment, healthcare initiatives, and sustainable business. In this short discussion, we talked about her journey, healthcare in Switzerland, diversity, and what she has learned about global healthcare through her podcast. Enjoy the show and if you haven’t yet, do subscribe to the podcast to be notified about new episodes automatically. I will add the links to Claire’s TED talk and podcast in the show notes. 

TEDx Talk: 

Narratives of purpose podcast: 

3D printed assisted suicide pods approved in Switzerland:

Series about digital health in Africa: 

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