135: Spirituality with Dr. Simran Rattan

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135: Spirituality with Dr. Simran Rattan

How does your spirit feel today?
January 17, 2020

135: Spirituality with Dr. Simran Rattan

Simran Rattan, MD, CCFP, ABOIM an Integrative Family physician, long time meditator Integrative Health and Meditation coach. She created Spirituality is Medicine (SIM) to connect within, honour yourself and heal innately. We talk today about cultivating a strong relationship with the power that is deep within otherwise known as your spirit

Visit Dr. Rattan on her website, Spirituality is Medicine or Facebook, Simran Rattan MD, or her FB group, Spirituality is Medicine for Healthcare Professionals.

Questions from today’s Kick of Encouragement: -What does your spirit feel like today? -What are the needs of your spirit? -What is meaningful to you?

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