S3E12 – Optimizing the Clinic Space

DOCSF – Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco

S3E12 – Optimizing the Clinic Space

Rajiv Sivendran, CEO and Founder of Apprentice Health, discusses the use of AI and sensors to optimize resources in the outpatient clinic
February 21, 2020

S3E12 – Optimizing the Clinic Space

On this, Episode 12 of Season 3, we present the fourth case study from DOCSF 2020. Apprentice Health is focused on the use of artificial intelligence and sensors to optimize the use of fixed resources in the context of the outpatient clinic. Their pilot study at Duke University was so successful that Duke decided to deploy them system wide. That sort of success suggests that the technology addressed a real pain point. To tell us more we invited the CEO and founder of Apprentice health, Dr. Rajiv Sivendran who put his residency training on hold to start his company. He will be presenting to Mark Goldstein, Chair of UCSF HealthHub and his expert panel. Let’s join them on stage at DOCSF 2020.

The Venue:

This conversation was recorded at DOCSF in January 2020, the weekend before #JPM Week in San Francisco. DOCSF is all about the intersection of digital health and musculoskeletal care.

This year, the sessions featured leaders from Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Amazon and many other amazing organizations, and Dan Kendall interviewed some of the speakers following their sessions on the stage. This special series of episodes features some of the interviews recorded at this annual event. To hear all the sessions on the DOCSF podcast, be sure to subscribe to the DOCSF Podcast here or visit Health Podcast Network.

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