74 – Personal Finance from Dr. Koo’s View

Docs Outside The Box

74 – Personal Finance from Dr. Koo’s View

November 12, 2018

74 – Personal Finance from Dr. Koo’s View


On this episode of DOTB we have Dr. Bonnie Koo from I featured her blog as one of my Top 5 favorite physician personal finance blogs to make you a doc outside the box.

Caught up with her at FinCon 18 and talked about her going from being pre-med one day to living and making six figures in London the next. Although living her best life financially, she still had the urge to be a doctor.

After medical school, Dr. Bonnie Koo did not let the huge student loan debt stop her from taking control of her life. She created her own personal finance blog called and also hosts Friends Talk Finance with Dr. Carrie Reynolds from Hippocratic Hustle Podcast.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How she didn’t fall into the cycle of living pay check to pay check
  • The fascinating story behind her student loan debt payoff
  • Why personal finances are so different for women compared to men
  • Why she writes about Blended families, prenups and divorce
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc



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Miss Bonnie MD Website

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