160 – Smart Financial Decisions for the Pandemic

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160 – Smart Financial Decisions for the Pandemic

May 11, 2020

160 – Smart Financial Decisions for the Pandemic

What’s good everyone!!


This pandemic has definitely changed the rules for a lot of doctors out there. Always known as a stable profession, these last couple of months have shown that you can’t have all of your eggs in one basket. Jamila Souffrant, Host of Journey to Launch Podcast, jumps in to talk about smart financial decisions we should be making right now.


Things you’ll learn:

  • Her philosophy on investing during these turbulent times
  • Getting stocks on discount
  • Emergency fund vs investing
  • What to do if you’re struggling with bills


Jamila Souffrant:

IG/Twitter/FB: @journeytolaunch

Financial Freedom Journeyer Jump Start Guide

Journey to Financial Independence Course


To learn more about the Leverage & Growth Summit for Physicians click here:

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