125 – Quit your way to a more fulfilled life!

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125 – Quit your way to a more fulfilled life!

September 2, 2019

125 – Quit your way to a more fulfilled life!

What’s good everyone,

I am very happy as a physician. But I’m not going to lie, there are things that people who are not doctors get to do that make me pretty jealous. One of them is the ability to have a career pivot. So many of my college friends have changed careers and sometimes I wonder “Could that be me?”

My next guest is definitely not afraid to both ask that question and take action on it. Dr. Lynn Morski from the Quit Happens podcast joins me on this show to discuss how quitting strategically can be the pathway to a more fulfilled life. That’s right she’s a “Quitting Evangelist,” and she’s very honest about her pathway that has taken her through the tech industry, medicine, and also law.


Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why many avoid quitting
  • How to make your resume/CV look good with multiple experiences in quitting
  • How she helps doctors get over the stigma of quitting
  • How she became a quitting evangelist
  • She takes us through the steps of quitting strategically as physicians
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc



Oura Ring

Book: Quitting by Design

Lear more about Dr. Morski:

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