Chaitenya Razdan, Care+Wear, on reimagining healthcare apparel

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Chaitenya Razdan, Care+Wear, on reimagining healthcare apparel

January 25, 2021

Chaitenya Razdan, Care+Wear, on reimagining healthcare apparel

In this episode, we meet Chaitenya Razdan, Founder and CEO of Care+Wear. Care+Wear is the leading provider of innovative healthwear, focused on bringing humanity into healthcare. In partnership with designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Care+Wear has designed highly functional alternatives to traditional patient gowns, PICC line covers, chest port access tops, recovery bras, and more. In 2020, Care+Wear shipped more than 15M units, creating positive and effective healing experiences for patients and clinicians alike.

We discuss Chat’s experiences and lessons learned in establishing a robust approach to designing and developing innovative healthwear. Chat shares stories from the early days of finding product market fit, integrating the needs of patients and clinicians into an iterative design process, and scaling hospital partnerships. We also reflect on impactful patient stories and what motivates Chat and the team to continuously innovate and solve unmet needs for patients globally.

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