#10 – Aline Noizet: Building digital health communities.


#10 – Aline Noizet: Building digital health communities.

June 18, 2021

#10 – Aline Noizet: Building digital health communities.

Aline Noizet is a connector by heart. She is passionate about innovation and new technologies applied to healthcare.

Aline is the founder of Digital Health Connector, a boutique consulting firm focused on digital health, and the co-founder of Digital Health Innovators Barcelona, a successful local community that has been bringing together the actors of the digital health ecosystem for the past 9 years. Aline has strong international experience working with startups, helping them scale up and connect with corporate companies. She was the Program Manager for Bayer G4A (Grants4Apps) and Business Development Director for Health 2.0. Aline is also actively supporting Frontiers HealthSXSWMedica, and Vision Health Pioneers.

We talked about building communities, accelerators, pitching, and networking in digital health. 

Links to things mentioned by Aline:


Frontiers Health:

DTx Europe:

DTx East:

DTx West:

eHealth University:


Giant Health:

Exponential Medicine:

Barcelona Health Hub Summit:


One HealthTech:

FemTech Focus:

Barcelona Health Hub:

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