2: Removing the Opacity in Healthcare

Day Zero

2: Removing the Opacity in Healthcare

This episode is hosted by Day Zero advisory council member Julie Yoo. Chris and Julie discuss the founding and purpose of Turquoise Health, the decision to seek venture capital funding,…
November 16, 2021
COPD Podcast by Health Unmuted

2: Removing the Opacity in Healthcare

Meet Chris Severn:

Chris Severn is the CEO and co-founder of Turquoise Health, which is an online platform that facilitates healthcare price transparency for patients, providers, and payers. Chris previously founded the organizations Acosta and Improv Bridge. His experience with hospital revenue cycles began as a consultant for Triage Consulting Group. Chris has a degree in Business Administration and Management from UC Berkeley.

Key Insights:

Turquoise Health will hit its one year mark this December. Chris shares his advice for early-stage startup founders and insights into price transparency.

  • Staying True to their Vision. Chris and his co-founder found that some investors wanted to utilize their product to maintain the status quo of healthcare price opacity. They stuck to their mission of transparency, and were able to find the right investors and clients that shared their vision. (13:43)
  • Take Care of Yourself.Chris shares that he recently took a vacation. Startup founders often don’t let themselves take breaks, but Chris knows he performs best when balanced. The pandemic put in perspective that Turquoise is important to him, but other aspects of life are important too. (26:04)
  • Go All In! For a long time, Chris tried to “dip his toe in the water” in starting Turquoise, without fully committing. He shares that Turquoise really took off once he went all in. (28:15)

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COPD Podcast by Health Unmuted

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