#130 – Credo Founder Carm Huntress: How Do I Get My Medical Record?

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#130 – Credo Founder Carm Huntress: How Do I Get My Medical Record?

March 1, 2022

#130 – Credo Founder Carm Huntress: How Do I Get My Medical Record?

The Cures Act was intended to give patients free & easy access to medical records, but many are still having trouble. Why is it so hard to access medical records? Carm Huntress (Founder & CEO, Creedo) rejoins the show to discuss how he plans on solving this problem once and for all.

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About Carm Huntress:
Carm is a entrepreneur and strategic leader with over 20 years of experience in startups focused around consumer and enterprise technology. His first web development and hosting company he started while in high school was eventually acquired in 2001. After finishing his degree in electrical engineering at Northeastern University in 2004, he went on to work for PlumVoice, an IVR and voice technology startup, where he ran their network operations. He later was asked to run product development at My Perfect Gig, a Northbridge and Commonwealth Venture start-up. 

After two years as CTO at Reef Partners, where he ran the technology for a number of portfolio companies, he became CTO at, the largest high end audio site in the world. He managed the transition of the core technology platform and team for growth. In 2013 he moved to Denver where he founded RxREVU. 

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