Share Your Story: Richard Bagdonas

Cancer U Thrivers Podcast

Share Your Story: Richard Bagdonas

August 2, 2022

Share Your Story: Richard Bagdonas

When bodybuilder Richard Bagdonas was diagnosed with cancer at the age of forty-five, he set out to design a new fitness regimen to help him fight that battle. One that would keep his mind and body strong enough to win. After beating stage IV cancer—and then COVID pneumonia—Richard started sharing his workout story and building a dedicated community of FitFAB warriors.

  • 01:31: Just a few years ago, my family and I went to Mexico.  
  • 02:56: I sat down in her office, and I said I have cancer. 
  • 05:00: I wrote a letter email to Dr. Michael Wong at MD Anderson. 
  • 07:14: Were there any side effects from the immunotherapy? 
  • 09:15: Did your doctors think you were crazy? 
  • 11:19: I started writing the book during the very first month of cancer treatment. 
  • 13:25: I was going back and forth to Houston quite often. 
  • 15:14: Cancer that was in my body was completely gone.  
  • 17:12: When they ran a CT scan, they found a benign tumor behind her left eyeball the size of an eyeball.  
  • 19:51: In 2019 I was cured of cancer.  
  • 22:22: I had 30% lung capacity at the time. 
  • 25:08: When I was at the hospital, I was vegetarian.  
  • 26:11: What is one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of your cancer journey? 
  • 26:53: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the U.S., what would it be and why?  
  • 28:14: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  
  • 29:38: Aside from Cancer U, what’s one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 


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