Share Your Story: Justin Birckbichler

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Share Your Story: Justin Birckbichler

June 15, 2021

Share Your Story: Justin Birckbichler

At age 25, Justin Birckbichler was diagnosed with Stage II testicular cancer. Now in remission, he is committed to getting the ball rolling on raising awareness of men’s health and testicular cancer through his website “A Ballsy Sense of Tumor.”

  • 01:25: I’m about 3.5 years past diagnosis.
  • 02:12: I was going to do my monthly testicular self-exam in the shower
  • 03:39: I found a lump.
  • 04:40: It sounded kind of like the ocean.
  • 06:03: I had done enough research to realize a mass on your testicle in 95% of the cases is cancer.
  • 08:28: Who’s your son and has one testicle.
  • 09:43: It also spread to my lymph nodes.
  • 10:10: I had 21 treatments within three months.
  • 11:52: What were your before and after moments?
  • 13:45: March 2, 2017, is the day the doctor said, you’re in remission.
  • 16:08: What was your best moment?
  • 18:24: I like the word frugal, but my parents and significant others might call it stingy.
  • 21:34: You don’t have to say yes all the time.
  • 23:30: You’re my age, how do you have cancer?
  • 24:25: What is the one thing you wish you’d known at the very beginning of your cancer journey?
  • 25:43: Any time somebody asked me how I was doing, I was, like, I’m fine.
  • 26:20: I wish I would’ve known to be more proactive in my mental health.
  • 29:01: If you could do only one thing to improve health care in America, what would it be and why?
  • 32:06: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions
  • 33:13: What is one resource that you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?


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