#77, The App Store for Healthcare with Oron Afek from Vim

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#77, The App Store for Healthcare with Oron Afek from Vim

Vim is building an ecosystem to connect healthcare applications and workflows. Co-founder and CEO Oron Afek shares the story behind Vim's evolution into a healthcare "app store" now reaching over…
February 21, 2024

#77, The App Store for Healthcare with Oron Afek from Vim

Healthcare is ripe for disruption. Legacy systems bog down workflows, create data silos, and frustrate both patients and providers. That’s where Vim comes in. This episode, Guy Spigelman from AWS talks with Oron Afek, co-founder and CEO of Vim, a company using AI to build the “app store” for healthcare. Vim already reaches 20 million patients by integrating with electronic health records. Now, with new partnerships and investments from Sequoia and other top tier VCs, Vim aims to hit 100 million patients next year. Afek gives us the inside story on Vim’s pivots, people, and path to profitability.

In this episode we cover:

Pivoting to Product-Market Fit: Oron Afek iterated Vim’s offering based on investor and customer feedback, arriving at a vision of becoming the healthcare “app store”.

Backing the Team’s Journey: Early investors bet on Vim’s team and market opportunity, not the initial idea.

Scaling Growth and Culture: Vim has raised $120M, grown to 160 people, and focuses hiring on culture fit first.

Reaching Critical Mass: Vim currently enables 20M patients, aiming for 100M next year via EHR integrations and AI.

Investing in the Future: Vim is hiring engineers who thrive in transparency, meritocracy and adaptability to build the future of healthcare.

For payers and providers, clinical data and workflows are often siloed and disconnected. Vim transforms clinical data into actionable in-EHR insights at the point of care. Vim’s content delivery and provider engagement platform reduces administrative burden, empowers providers, and accelerates performance initiatives for all stakeholders through bidirectional EHR connections. The country’s largest health plans and medical providers of every size – from independent practitioners to integrated delivery systems – use our software to connect data and care across the health system. Vim’s mission is to power affordable, high-quality health care through seamless connectivity. At its core, Vim and its employees, are working to change the future of healthcare by impacting how care is delivered. By giving physician teams the tools and resources they need to operate more efficiently and succeed under value-based care models, Vim is helping providers improve the quality of care for their patients.

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