#21 Eliminating the Term ‘Provider’ as a Physician

AAOS Career Podcast

#21 Eliminating the Term ‘Provider’ as a Physician

June 28, 2023

#21 Eliminating the Term ‘Provider’ as a Physician

Using the ambiguous term “provider” to describe any healthcare professional is problematic for both patients and orthopaedic surgeons striving to provide the highest level of musculoskeletal care. This episode explains how it diminishes the intrinsic value of physicians, commoditizes healthcare delivery, and why organizations like AAOS are working to eliminate its use.

AAOS Now article on the topic:

Guest: Gregory Della Rocca, MD, FAAOS, AAOS BOC Representative for Missouri

Host: Daniel Cognetti, MD, AAOS Resident Assembly

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