Adapting Private Sector Strategies for Global Health (S04 E18)

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Adapting Private Sector Strategies for Global Health (S04 E18)

July 7, 2021

Adapting Private Sector Strategies for Global Health (S04 E18)

In this recently recorded live web event, we explore what private strategies ideas can be adopted by the global health community to develop, distribute, and market products for those most in need in low and middle income countries. With the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, Medicines 360, PSI and Resonance. 

Joining Ben are:

Andrée Sosler, Senior Director, Impact and Global Access, Medicines360
Margot Fahnestock, Vice President, Strategic Development, Medicines360
Brandon Soloski, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnership, PSI
Marissa Gilman, Global Health Practice Lead, Resonance

Medicines360 is a nonprofit organization that operates as a pharmaceutical company, which is an exciting innovation for addressing gaps in public health and also poses some challenges and has limitations.

Population Services International (PSI) has used marketing and communications techniques to promote better health for decades; a model that has been successfully scaled and replicated and also faces barriers when applied to public health.

Resonance is a global consulting firm that delivers market-based solutions to address the world’s toughest challenges and is the creator of the Inclusive Innovation Exchange, focused on the innovation process for those designing with emerging markets in mind.

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