E79:  Jim Kalbach – The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E79: Jim Kalbach – The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

October 14, 2020

E79: Jim Kalbach – The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

Ben & Jay talk to Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at MURAL and author of The Jobs To Be Done Playbook, Mapping Experiences, and Designing Web Navigation.  Jim shares his perspective on Jobs To Be Done as a mindset, how an organization can start using it, and how it can influence various aspects of the organization.  Since the episode was recorded, Jim has also launched a new Jobs To Be Done learning platform, JTBD Toolkit.  Jim also has a web site, Experiencing Information, where you can learn more about him and book office hours.  Stick around after the discussion for a special musical treat courtesy of Jim!

See Jim discuss customer journey mapping as compared to job mapping through the lens of the chicken crossing the road.

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